Sofa And Curtain Classical Match Design For Living Room

Living room certainly is the key point in household decoration. Not only the former decoration is important for the living room decoration, but also the soft decoration is important. The most important thing is sofa in the living room, so the sofa is the key point in the important soft decoration. To choose a sofa not only by its appearance, you also need to consider another elements in the household. For example curtains. If you can’t match both of them well, the sofa is beautiful,but still looks very weird.

First : brief gray VS fresh dandelion

Gray always give people generous feeling, and match with simple fresh dandelion can make people feel new.Flying dandelion can recall our childhood memory.

Second: elegant beige VS birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers

Elegant beige sofa match with baby yellow cloth curtain, with southeast Asia style, using mixture shows fashion, it seems like the feather of the birds, elegant baby yellow baby purple. The pattern of the curtain make feel in the plants kingdom of southeast Asia, warm and beautiful feeling comes to you.

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Third: white VS colorful red and green
Using pure white sofa decorate the brief space, match the fashion colorful flower pattern curtain,it added more fashion feeling. Red pattern sofa for single person, like the abstract flowers, it can match the flower patterns of the curtain perfectly. (Living Room Curtains Ideas)

Forth:green bird VS black rose
Gentle green sofa decorated with green birds patterns, black roses are full of window. It can’t be coordinate green and black, because of combination of the birds and flowers, they are coordinate with each other.

Fifth:sky blue VS flowers loan calculator personal loan bloom
Sky blue country sofa decorated with cheap bad credit loans colorful flowers, match with mainly yellow and white curtain, it shows more beautiful and charming. The white flower decorated with satin pompom, flowers bloom pillow make people feel the nature country feeling. (Curtains Events)